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Lone Pine Unified School District is committed to equipping every student with the tools they need for academic, personal and social achievement. 

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Superintendent’s Message

Welcome to Lone Pine Unified School District's website and district! My name is Patrick Traynor and I am honored to serve you and our students in our wonderful school district. We also hope you find this new interface more user friendly and informative. 
Lone Pine Unified School District offers a unique program. We have three schools. Lo-Inyo Elementary School serves transitional kindergarten through eighth grade. Lone Pine High School is a comprehensive high school serving grades nine through twelve. We also have Sierra Alternative Learning Academy (SALA) serving grades six through twelve. SALA is for students who have a variety of needs including accelerated credit recovery, attendance issues, and/or personal adjustment. 
Lone Pine Unified offers a wide variety of extra curricular activities. Lo-Inyo Elementary School has an after school program that lasts until 5PM. They offer tutoring, piano, math acceleration, and recreation. This program is for all K-8 students. With respect to sports, Lo-Inyo sixth through eighth grade offers volleyball, football, and basketball. Lone Pine High school offers football, volleyball, basketball, softball, and baseball. Sports at the high school count for physical education credit. 
Lone Pine High School boasts a state of the art agricultural program having a robust farm complete with hogs and steers. Students learn how to raise livestock with appropriate feed and medications as needed. They also learn agricultural mechanics, including welding, through a robust mechanics work building. 
Thank you for coming to Lone Pine and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the district office (760)871-5579 or come in and visit or make an appointment, 301 South Hay Street.